Why Is It So Easy To Hack Us? Root Cause Explained

On this globe, almost around every day, many websites got hacked by some or the other group of hackers. We all read the news about some government website has been hacked or defaced and hackers put their names on it and all these things. So is it really that easy to hack these websites especially government ones?

You should really know how and why they get hacked so easily.

First of all, we understand how these government websites are formed. There are people who are government employees working for this purpose, and also the different group of people, who are contract based and get payment through Government.

Now all the government websites are created by these group of people those are employed by the government and they develop and maintain all their websites.

For this purpose, one particular set of codes have been decided and written rather than separate for each website and so, no separate coding for every different website.

These are all Government people, Government job, the reality is that they don’t get much of a remuneration as well. Now, do you think they care about writing a separate code for individual websites that are of completely different type?

The answer is no, they just don’t, the reason is also simple, not much of payment and awareness so whatever going on, let that happen, that’s why you must have noticed that almost all government website looks similar to each other. Also similar in types and use of same Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Once a website has been developed, and codes have been stored so that they don’t have to re-code again and again for more such websites. All they have to do is just have to copy the code and make some little changes regarding the links, colors, or navigation bar and nothing much and the new website is live.

The problem arises where, the PHP coding for the whole website has been done in the year 2008 and 2009 and from that time till now, using that codes. People have surely discovered so many vulnerabilities. With the passage of time, new vulnerabilities get discovered and then patched up so that they can be made more secure.

This happens with all the websites including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. All these websites also get vulnerabilities in them with time but they keep patching them on regular basis and making their websites more secured although we should know that any website cannot be always made foolproof.

The Government website has been generated almost a decade back and now copy, pasting the same content of PHP codes and new websites are getting ready in a nick of a time. They all got the vulnerabilities of and from 2008 till now.

Taking benefit of this situation, even the noob hackers or also known as script kiddies, those are not very much skilled, even they can hack the website within a very short period of time with the help of SQL injection and exploits those are already available on the internet.

Government website doesn’t get updates and are running on custom coding on PHP and not on Contact Management System (CMS) like WordPress is running on that.

People with very limited knowledge and know just a few things like creating a banner for website, designing work and HTML knowledge cannot interrupt and can modify PHP files if they try, will get errors and website won’t function properly and more errors like this will occur on the whole website. So how can they patch up these risks and therefore websites don’t get much need updates?

So that’s the main reason why the websites got hacked with the help of simple SQL injection as well. The main culprit is website is not updated what they must be and use an old coding and scripts. If on the regular basis, websites don’t get patched, no matter how secured the website are, they will still get hacked and can be highly disastrous for the nation.

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