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Google’s new AI features will be a big hit – Google AI

Google's new AI features will be a big hit
Google I/O 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018, Google CEO Sunder Pichai at its Annual Developers Conference (Google I/O 2018) comes up with very significant Google AI features that will work in much different and easier way to handle our day to day task. Yes. you read it right.

Google in its developer’s conference announces the various new Artificial Intelligence based feature that will add to

  • Google Assistance
  • Gmail (Smart Compose)

Tuesday, its a day after Microsoft’s Build Conference where they come up with BrainWave AI, Google at its own Developers Conference shows demo on how these new features actually work.

1. Google Assistance

Google Assistant

Google AI is now come up Voice-activated google assistance that uses Wavenet technology to do so. Wavelet actually models the underline raw audio to create a more natural voice. It is closer to how human speaks the pitch, the pace, and even all the poses that convey meaning. It is currently using 6 different voices to do this task.

The task that included in this all-new Voice-activated Google AI now can book an appointment on your behalf. You just need to say Hello Google, book an appointment for my haircut this Friday at between 10-12 A.M.

Google AI will actually call the salon to schedule an appointment for you. In a demo shown by Sunder Pichai, he shows how Google assistance arranges an appointment in the background.

In the demo,
AI actually calls the nearest salon and ask for available schedule between 10-12 noon on Tuesday. Google AI ask for available time and confirm the appointment. After this, a notification received on notification bar showing Your Appointment is confirmed.

This shows how reliable is this new feature is.

2. Gmail (Smart Compose)

Google CEO Sunder Pichai presenting Gmail’s Smart Compose

Smart compose, as the name suggests, Google use machine learning to start suggesting phrases for you as you type. It remembers the day, address, personal details, commonly used phrases and much more to do so.

This new addition to Gmail will help you to go for fast and smart typing which will surely be going to save your time.

Google CEO, Sunder Pichai also shows a demo video. In the video, it is clearly shown how auto phases are detecting your needs.

This is all from Google Artificial Intelligence as of May 8, 2018.


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