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Gadgets and Technologies to Follow in 2019

Gadgets and Technologies to Follow in 2019 | TechApprise

If you’re eager to see what’s to come in the tech world for 2019, you don’t have to wait too long. The long-awaited and biggest tech show of the year is just around the corner. That’s right, CES 2019 will take place in January and consumers will get a chance to explore all of the new gadgets they can expect to see on the market. Whether you’re looking for a holiday gift for a loved one or simply want to stay ahead of the technological curve, there are a few cool gadgets and technologies that you’ll want to keep your eye on as we welcome the new year.

8K Televisions Will Revolutionize Quality

It seems like just yesterday that 4K TVs hit the market and revolutionized the quality of viewing forever. However, seeing as the sky’s the limit, developers have taken to improving the resolution once again and are just now beginning to release the first 8K televisions, with the Samsung QE85Q900R hitting the marketing in late 2018. These televisions will come with a horizontal resolution of 7680 pixels and a vertical resolution of 4320 pixels, making for the highest quality image possible. In Japan, broadcasters have been experimenting with 8K technology for a few years, but the Samsung version marks the first consumer product to hit the market and it’s likely to be a hot item by the end of 2019.

Advancements in New Drone Technology

Even though drones are becoming more mainstream, the technology behind them continues to advance and make them even more efficient and versatile. In 2019, expect to see more drones with advanced technology that support 5K video footage and intelligent flight patterns. Return-to-home technology is becoming increasingly more popular as is subject recognition and tracking. Due to the fact that stabilization has become such an important feature for most consumers, most drones on the market in 2019 that are reasonably priced should feature high-quality stabilizing features that put all older models to shame. Obstacle avoidance technology is also expected to advance and will allow drones to fly safer and more efficiently.

Acer Will Dominate Tech

Expect Acer to dominate a large portion of the gadgets market in 2019 as they prepare to release their titan of a gaming chair, the Predator Thronos, and their VR glasses, the OJO 500. The former is a five-foot-tall steel chair sports a sleek look, vibrating chair and space to hold three 27-inch displays. Deemed the ultimate gaming chair, this toy won’t be cheap (and doesn’t currently have a price) but will be an interesting development in gadgets that will have effects on the future of gaming. Acer’s new VR glasses will also be available in 2019 and feature technology that detects the distance of your pupil from the screen in order to immensely enhance the experience.

Expect a Few Surprises

Seeing as tech companies like to keep products and technologies under wraps for as long as possible, it’s likely that there are many other new gadgets that will emerge and surprise consumers following CES 2019. The best way to stay updated is to follow the social media accounts and sign up for newsletters from your favorite tech companies.

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