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Apple To Unveil Water Resistant and Noise Cancelling AirPods

Apple to Unveil Water-resistant and noise cancelling AirPods - TechApprise

  As reported on Bloomberg, Apple in the upcoming year 2019 is to launch a set of AirPods that will be a next-generation high-end AirPods with noise-cancellation and water resistant. Apple AirPods must be more expensive, but the features that will be added to new AirPods will be so much different that it will be […]

Top 4 cases that Apple lost in recent years

Apple taking a shot at wireless headset for both AR, VR

  Top 4 cases that Apple lost Apple in recent years lost as many cases, which leads Apple to pay most of the compensation. All top 4 cases that Apple lost are high-profile cases and Apple had paid bigger compensation amount to these below companies. Apple wins a case that they filed against major competitor […]