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Top 4 cases that Apple lost in recent years

Apple taking a shot at wireless headset for both AR, VR


Top 4 cases that Apple lost

Apple in recent years lost as many cases, which leads Apple to pay most of the compensation. All top 4 cases that Apple lost are high-profile cases and Apple had paid bigger compensation amount to these below companies.

Apple wins a case that they filed against major competitor Samsung. The reason behind the lawsuit is that Apple claims that Samsung is following its iPhone patent rights. South Korean based company Samsung lose $533 million after seven years of law fight in a US Court.

Although it is a multi-million win for the Apple and that too against Samsung, Apple loses the much bigger lawsuit in these 7 years. Here are the top 5 cases that lost in recent years. Check them out.

Top 4 cases that Apple Lost

1. Apple loses trademark right case in Beijing

Apple, who filed a lawsuit against a China-based company, “Xintong Tiandi” who makes leather goods and handbags with the name “IPHONE” not “iPhone”. The lawsuit filed because Apple applied for the trademark for electronics products in 2002 but it was not approved till 2013. But Xintong Tiandi gets the approval of “IPHONE” under leather products category in 2010 itself.

As Apple started selling iPhone in China from 2009, the higher court decided that Apple couldn’t demonstrate it was a notable brand in China before Xintong Tiandi documented its trademark application in 2007.

2. Apple vs. VirnetX Holding Corp.

VirnetX guaranteed that Apple’s FaceTime, VPN on Demand and iMessage highlights encroach four licenses identified with secure interchanges, guarantees that Apple denied. The debate has ricocheted between the region court, patent office, and Federal Circuit since 2010. There have been different trials, most as of late one including prior adaptations of the Apple gadgets. A jury of all things considered granted $302 million that a judge later expanded to $439.7 million.

3. Apple vs. Nokia

In July 2017, Nokia and Apple are in a lawsuit over on declining license patents issue. Apple had an understanding for some Nokia innovations, however, had withheld offers on 32 different licenses that secured everything from the show and UI to chipsets and video encoding.

It is not disclosed by any of the party about how much compensation that Apple needs to pay Nokia. But it is known that Apple compensates Nokia by up-front payment of $2 billion. This huge amount is the biggest compensation paid by Apple and become the most trending news in 2017.

4. Apple and a Norway based repair shop

In the year 2016 Apple send a letter to Norway based mobile repair shop owner “Henrik Huseby” on the basis that he is using aftermarket screens to replace damaged screens. Apple also demanded the compensation as settlement fees.

In the letter sent to Henrik Huseby, Apple demanded to destroy all screens, sign an agreement on not to sell, manufacture and replace screens. In case of not doing this, a case will be filled by our side. Henrik refused to do so and makes Apple file a lawsuit against him. It takes 5 lawyers to fight but the final decision is in favor of Henrik.

So, these are the recent Top 4 cases that Apple lost. I hope this post is informative enough for you.


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