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5 Most effective ways to reduce screen time

Today in 21st Century, the technology has not only provided us the opportunities but also unlocked a huge amount of human potential.

Technology has allowed us to stay connected with those closest to us. The conveniences offered are phenomenal from ordering almost anything online in just few clicks to check how our friends doing in their life.

But with all the good, comes the bad. We all are glued to our devices, addicted to technology and often spending over 4 hours every day on our phones.

But instead of simply rejecting the technology, I am interested in how we can bring it into our lives without it negatively affecting our well-being.

So these are the 5 most effective ways to reduce screen time that I found super helpful to me.

1. Track your screen time on your devices

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Most phones have the ability to track the amount of time you spend on your device. But in case where that is not available, you can simply use some apps like Rescue Time and Your Hour.

These apps will provide you all the information regarding how much time you spend on each application every day. Your Hour also offers the timer feature where every time you open an app, there will be timer running indicating the amount of time you have spent till now.

You can also setup you goals like how many times you unlock your device, which application you use the most. It also offers a timeline feature where you can check at what time you opened exactly which all applications.

You can also get a daily and weekly report on your screen time usage.

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But often even after you have managed to get your screen time down, you might find yourself occasionally slipping back in old patterns.

Having a way to track where your time is going will help you to get clearer on your priorities throughout the year.

2. Turn off all unnecessary notifications

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

Notifications are dangerous for number of reasons. You may constantly getting buzzes or pings on your phone which get you to compulsively pick it up without even thinking.

The push notifications are also a shortcut into addictive apps. For instance you get a notification that one of your close friend left a comment on your picture. But instead of just replying to comment,  you find yourself spending hours in scrolling other things on your feed.

So I recommend you to turn off almost all push notifications except calls and important messages, alarms and calendar.

3. Turn your screen into black and white

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

According to various studies conducted, turning your screen from color to black and white will have significant impact on how you use your phone.

Opening up your phone scanning through your apps using Instagram all have significantly less power over you.

In an iPhone device you can do so by Go to Accessibility – click display accommodations – color filters – Click gray scale

Also below you can create a shortcut like clicking three times change colour to greyscale and vice-versa.

4. Delete & block social media/distracting websites from your phone

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

One of the best ways to increase the amount of friction it takes to use these apps on your phone is to delete them completely.

Blocking some of the most distracting websites that you browse while on your computer whether it’s social media, emails, Netflix or the news.

You don’t have to be perfect but if you restrict this amount to time during your work hours, you are likely to be more productive and get more done and spend less hours in front of the screen.

You can use app like Freedom and set the specific times during the day with which you don’t want these sites to be accessible.

5. Create some distance

5 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Screen Time

It’s almost taboo in our culture now to leave home without your phone. But if you are going to the gym or taking a trip to the grocery store, think about leaving your phone behind.

The key is to restrict and be less dependent on our devices even if just for a day every week.

So I believed that technology has helped to  make our lives better but of course there are ways in which it can negatively impact our well-being. But by being more mindful about the time we spend in front of our screens,  we can be more productive.

We can reduce stress and we can stop feeling like we are always rushing from one thing to the next.

If you have found the additional ways apart from these 5 most effective ways to reduce screen time, let me know in the comments below.

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