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Top myths about RAM & how destroying your device

RAM myths need to be bursted affecting device efficiency

Random Access Memory is one of the most essential requirements of any computing and storing device, whether it is a computer, mobiles, tablets, etc. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of computer information stockpiling that stores information and machine code at the same time being utilized.

A Random Access Memory enables information about things to be perused or written in nearly a similar measure of time independent of the physical area of information inside the memory. Interestingly, with other direct-get to information stockpiling media, for example, hard disks, CD-RWs, DVD-RWs and the older magnetic tapes and drum memory, the time required to read and write data items varies significantly depending on their physical locations on the recording medium, due to mechanical limitations such as media rotation speeds and arm movement.

In other words, the main job of RAM is to remember information related with the software or applications opened into the system and prevents taking time while re-opening them.

Despite being the most important part of every computer or smartphone, people usually have several misconceptions, doubts and myths about it and that needs to be busted.

1. How much RAM is actually required, Any loss of taking more RAM than required or vice versa.

This is actually not a misconception or myth per se, but it is highly doubtful for people such as noobies and having less technical information. They wonder how much RAM is sufficient for them, any loss of taking more or less RAM than required. In a nutshell either they don’t care about it or worry too much regarding the requirements.

The number one criteria to understand and decide upon how much ram is required is to find answers for — what are their uses and how heavy user they are? Or if they need to play games more or any professional editing work.

If there is a user, with normal day to day uses, might think he don’t require much of a RAM, like 2-3 GB is sufficient enough for his purpose. But here’s deal, he needs to understand the benefit of upgrading a one GB more and settle for a 4GB RAM variant. The point to be noted here is, any application or software requires a part of a RAM in percentage, which is to be allocated to that particular software or application to run properly. If the application requires, 2% of a RAM, then 2GB variant will allot obviously lesser than 4GB variant. The more RAM application get, the more efficient is its working.

Therefore, there is no loss in upgrading a little than your basic requirements and take 4GB but also the point is to upgrade a little and not so much unless you want to spend a more extra amount of money, which is according to us a wastage.

Hence you need to understand your basic requirements about work usage and select a little higher end variant, it will be worth it.

2. The importance of RAM speed, the more RAM, the faster ?

The work of RAM is to store information about the last opened application and work efficiently upon re-opening them.

But people all over the globe has misconception that more RAM means the more fast system is. But Gentlemen/ladies, that not the case everytime. Once you have upgraded your system to 8GB and upon taking it to 16GB won’t make any much of a performance boost unless you are a professional and requires heavy editing and developing new programs.

On the other hand, that person needs to increase the RAM speed of 8GB to notice a significant boost in performance.

Therefore, we need to burst the myth that more RAM always doesn’t mean more enhanced performance.

3. Killing apps and clearing RAM improves speed.

No matter where you go, you will always find people using app killers in the misconception of creating more space to the RAM and as a result think, enhancing the performance and speed of their device. But it’s absolutely a myth, the earlier they understand the better it is for their smartphones.

When RAM was designed, the sole purpose behind is to store a part of information opened and the system doesn’t look for again while re-opening that particular software or applications, resulting in a high speed performance.

But when users kill the apps in order to increase RAM space, they kill that information stored into the RAM, and when re-opening they program or app has to look for the files in the whole system and therefore consuming more time and battery. There we notice our battery getting drained faster than before and also, we say — “our phone has become too slow” — then to make it fast, we use more app killers too often that it completely exhaust the capability of system manager to look every time you try to open any application. Thereby, creating a heavy load on battery backup and overall performance of the device.

Talking about android atleast, it is smarter than we think, it automatically close applications those are not in use for a period of time. Hence it does not require any more external application to clear its RAM.

We hope you get the point and know what to do next to protect your smartphone from damaging itself.

4. You are not allowed to insert RAM sticks of different Gigabytes

People usually believe that, they are not allowed to insert RAM sticks of different sizes, although it is advisable, to insert RAM sticks of same sizes and frequency.

Most of the device whether, laptops or desktops comes with two RAM slots.

But, inserting two different sizes of RAM sticks won’t harm the system as well. If a user inserts one 8GB and one 16GB RAM sticks, then then the extra 8GB out of 16GB will run into single channel mode. It is not fast as fast as two sticks of same size but it is faster than before.

So, these are the some top misconceptions and doubt with respect to the RAM.

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