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Gmail’s native Offline Mode available for users

Google email update

As we know the new Gmail launched with an enormous amount of new features last month, and Google mentioned there are more on the way.

The Smart Compose launched last week undoubtedly acclaimed all over the globe. Now the latest among all, the native offline support is all set to be available very soon.

The earlier version of Gmail on the desktop or laptop also got features and capabilities related to the offline mode through a Gmail Offline Chrome App that users were asked to uninstall.

With the updated version, backed with the recent redesign, Google has now provided the facility offline functionality right into the web app.

Users can now, search, write, delete/ archives messages when they have no connectivity, with these changes syncing back when an internet connection is regained.

With the requirement of Chrome 61 or higher, settings enable a user to reveal a new offline tab, where he can now enable offline mail. Furthermore, users will get the ability to see how much storage Gmail has consumed on the device and set sync settings.

Users can now decide how many emails are downloaded with 30 being the default and other options including 7 and 90 days.

The other setting is Security and where users will get the ability to check whether Gmail keeps or removes offline data on your computer after you’ve logged out.

Offline data on the computer on logging out

Data stored on the device will not be removed if the user has logged out from Google account or changing the password. In order to delete the store’s data on your device, the user will have to disable the offline mail and save the changes.

Stored data on re-logging into Google account.

Once the user has logged out and now trying to sign in again, data will need to be resynced to your device and might take even more than few hours to resync the mailbox.

At last, the administrators need to enable the ‘Gmail web offline’, on G Suite and this feature have been widely launched out to normal gmail user and not a part of beta testing.

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