Lost trust from Huawei? 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei will help you


As we all know Huawei is the largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world, with its own Research & Development company.

Every device is tested several times before it came onto the market.

Huawei may not be the first choice for you when it comes to the smartphone, most of you never decide to purchase a Huawei smartphone at the 1st point because of a lack of trust in Huawei.

But Huawei is much better and massive than you ever thought off.

To confirm this opinion, I am directly moving to the 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei that will recover your trust back.

Top 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei

1. Huawei partnered with the top 80% of telecommunication companies

Huawei along with its own manufacturing offers almost 80% of telecommunication companies with their manufactured parts. The top companies include Vodafone, Motorolla, T-Mobile, and the list continues.

The distribution network of Huawei says that how much reliable this company is and their products are.

We normally prefer Motorolla smartphones over Huawei, but the fact is that Huawei is manufacturing the inbuilt part for Motorolla.

2. Huawei is an Employee-Owned Company

You will not believe that the owner of Huawei Ren Zhengfei himself has around 1% of the share in the company. That means Huawei is an employee-owned company, where every employee has some part of the share in Company.

The reason behind this is to keep the employee motivated and dedicated towards the work, so each employee can give out of his best by considering that his hard work will directly benefit him.

This is also a reason for so much innovation in the company.

3. 60.40 Billion is Invested in R&D in the last 10 years

Lost trust from Huawei? 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei | TechApprise

The major focus on Huawei is in R&D. Because of their commitment to making meaningful innovations and to be always ahead in the game, Huawei invests so much of money in R&D every single year.

In R&D they have a strong team base where over 75,000 employees are working together on the common goal. Plus around 10% of the total income is directly moved to R&D department.

Think how big is Huawei.

4. They focus on making brilliant smartphones

Among all the major appliances they are making, they are focused more towards making smartphones that are brilliant and higher tech-based smartphone.

Despite all the resources and technology they have, their aim is to lead smartphone market.

This is the reason they are launching so many smartphones.

We Stay Focused

We Make Brilliant Smartphones

This tagline shows how much they are involved in manufacturing their products.

5. They rotate CEO every 6 months

Lost trust from Huawei? 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei | TechApprise
Source: Fortune

Huawei follows a culture to replace CEO with a new every 6 months. The reason behind this is that they believe in collective wisdom, innovation, and teamwork.

As Huawei is employed based company, their employees got replaced with CEO of the company.

6. Employees lunch and rest time

Employees take their lunch from 12:00 to 1:30 and have mattresses under the desk so that they can rest properly in the term to regain efficiency.

This is based on Relay Assembly Test Room Experiment by Elton Mayo.

Elton Mayo ( an organizational theorist) suggest that every employee need a proper break so that he can provide his best potential towards doing his work.

Huawei follows the same theory to get the best out of each employee. That is why we choose this in 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei.

7. Cooperation with Leica

Lost trust from Huawei? 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei | TechApprise

Huawei has cooperation with Leica which is a renown German company that manufactures cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes and ophthalmic lenses.

Most of the people have a dream of taking a picture from Leica camera and this is done by Huawei at affordable price.

Huawei inbuilt Leica lenses in their own smartphones and completed dream of several Leica lover people.

So, All these 7 Interesting Facts about Huawei will help you in regaining  your trust from Huawei.

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