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Why It’s High Time To Take Our Privacy Very Seriously

Why It's High Time To Take Our Privacy Very Seriously

With the passage of time, we see many aspects of our life-changing with the speed of light and see the series of development happening all around us. Where you live in what condition, you exist, but no matter what, we all are growing whether it’s mentally, physically, financially, economically or technologically.

No one is untouched by the power of technology we live in today. With so many advancements, so much convenience, our life has been truly blessed with the influence of technology in our lives.

Now, according to the Newton’ s Third Law of Motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thing applies to almost everywhere, if the thing has some merits, definitely it got the other side as well.

Technology brought the internet, Internet further brought so many opportunities, opportunities turn into, some helpful and some become threat eventually. One such major threat to our life and society is the rapid increase of the cyber crimes and cyber attacks all over the globe.

In this post, we’ll tell you why everyone should take cyber security very seriously and how to protect yourself.

We have divided some categories and explains how through which our whole interaction with the cyber world takes place.

1. Online Surfing.

The first and most important category is internet surfing. You go to Google type whatever you want to know, hit enter get the links, sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t get what you are searching and wanted to know. So it’s the basic surfing, another where you are using some websites and spending some time there and reading, copy-pasting content and getting your work done.

Here you interacted with the basic servers and getting PHP script in results. Here on first look, you don’t find anything wrong yeaahhh? But wait, when we say it is one of the most important categories, we mean something very serious.

Understand, when you search something on the internet, the Google search engines, the websites you surf, got a connection with you as a client and with their servers, and there is the connection between these things.

Ultimately you are connected to the world, when you surf never click on unknown links or websites, the biggest threat is anyone can enter into your device whether its mobile or laptop, your private information is no longer private then. It can be misused in various places and sometimes people don’t realize this and get into trouble. So never click on unknown links and always use genuine Antivirus Software if it’s PC.

Because one of the main Modus operandi of hackers for a long time is through online click-baiting. So always be aware when you are searching or browsing anything online.

2. Google Play Store & Third Party Applications.

Everyone got a smartphone, filled with apps, some are useful and part of your daily life, some are used occasionally, some for entertainment, some for ticketing, chatting, social networking, microblogging, selfies, and the list goes on.
Here the built-in structure of Android & iOS doesn’t allow space for hackers to install viruses or malware on your device so they find the alternative to this. They attaching some spyware onto their apps and asking you some permission to use the app.

So when you install any application’s and opens it you find some sort of permissions and instead of applying some brain you allow everything or most of the things. Now here you got deceived, you being completely unaware of your data getting transferring from your phones to them.

Therefore it is highly recommended to read and allow only those which are not related to your personal information and never download apps from unknown sources. There are more than a billion on play store library, use that only. Always remember, your security is in your hand.

Don’t wait for any mishap to occur and then regret, and think about all chain of events, rather than be always vigilant in using the applications. Also, you should have a backup of your complete device into another device, cloud storage or somewhere else, where you find it convenient. But it’s our sincere recommendation to always have a backup.

3. Online Payments

Online payment is an integral part of everyone’s life. Ordering food online, making purchases on Amazon, Flipkart, or money transfers. It is important to be aware whenever you are making a transaction, always check whether it’s encrypted or not.

Hackers try to redirect you to their personal page and when you put details it shows error and you are again transferred to an authentic merchant site, neither Company detects nor you, and then get a call from social engineering persons and then you may know the process.

So our recommendation is to always check the 128-bit encrypted page before you make any payments.
Also, you should not save your card details onto the merchant application or portal.

“Always remember, nobody, is responsible for your safety except you, your safety and protection is and should be in your hands only and only”

Next time think & look before you surf, install an app, or make any payments.

We want you to stay safe always from every cyber attack and therefore here we launch our dedicated category solely to serve this purpose and improve the level of our cybersecurity altogether.


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