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Jobs and Careers in Cyber Security

Jobs and Careers in Cyber Security - TechApprise


Cyber security, as I discussed in our line series on Cyber Security Guide – Ultimate Guide To Cyber Security to Stay Protected Online, is defined as the type of security used by the certain agency to protect your internet-based physical data and data which are helpful for the cyber attackers. These cyber attackers are the person who crawls on the internet to steal out things that are useful for them and use illegal ways to breach the system, so as to get most of the benefit from this. Information security, which is designed to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, is a subset of Cyber security.

In this guide, I am going to clear your doubts on 2 points. These 2 areas are:

  1. Careers in Cyber security – Degrees, Certificates, Online Courses, and Skills
  2. Jobs in the field of Cyber security

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Careers in Cyber security

Here I will tell you about all the courses that you can go for to establish the well-known job and career in Cyber Security. All the courses that I am going to let you know are the job oriented courses and will provide you degree and certificates as an authority and good job and career in cyber security.

I am also going to share what sets of skills are required and you will be getting while you are being ready for a much-wanted career in cyber security.

Make the right choice of Cyber Security Programme

Finding the right choice of the programme from four available choices is the 1st step to begin your career in cyber security. Make this decision wisely by taking individual proficiency and time that they can take out from their busy schedule.

  1. Bachelor’s
  2. Master’s
  3. Certificate
  4. Online

1. Bachelor’s

If you are new to this field, want to start your career and have time to join the full-time course in this field, then this programme is for you.

You are the regular reader and go through the news like there is a major data breach of this company and want to work to make differences as a cyber security analyst, then this is the best programme to start with.

2. Master’s

If you ever had worked in cyber security or working in this field, expertise your knowledge while going through a master’s degree programme. You can also go for a specialization course like you want to hone your skill in cryptography, that you can go through this programme.

3. Online

Due to your busy schedule, you are not able to attend any degree programme and wants to build the career in cyber security than you can go for online courses that are free from any time bound and can be done by taking out time from your own flexible schedule.

It is the best alternative that is available for the persons who have no time to join the full-time programme.

4. Certificate

If a person can drive some time from his/her busy schedule and move out to some centre to learn about cyber security can go for the certificate programme.

For example, I have a bachelor’s degree in cyber security and may eventually work on a master’s degree full-time. For now, I’d like to develop digital forensic skills by taking courses that I can apply to a master’s degree program later on.
Because of the frequency of cyber attacks, careers are varied and qualified professionals are in demand.

If you’re ready to get started in this fast-growing career, start exploring cyber careers now.

Skills required for Job and career in Cyber Security

There are the numbers of skills that are required by the cyber person to fix his job and career in cyber security. There are various center aptitudes required by anybody entering the cyber security business, in the case of beginning his or her first expert activity or progressing from another PC related field. Here are a couple of the key required aptitudes:

1. Communication Skills

As communication is the major part of the managerial skill, and to create job and career in cyber security it is the must that the person has strong command on oral and written communication. If you wish to join any job specialisation you must have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with clients and executives.

2. Programming Skills

Afcause you need to know about programming and scripts to design effective security programs and analyse cyber breaches and attacks. You can not detect any cyber attack without knowledge of programming and hence can not secure job and career in cyber security.

3.  Risk Analysis and Managment

Cyber security personnel must be able to assess a client’s particular security needs in light of its organizational goals, which requires knowledge of risk analysis principles.

4. Understanding Network Protocols

You also need to understand what network protocols are, types of network protocols, their similarities and differences and how they work and used for.

5. Learning Security Principles

It is much basic to understand what principles that security follows. Security principles include privacy, confidentiality, authentication and access control to make the system less affected by attacks and failure.

There are many other skills to but these 5 are enough to secure a good job and a career in cyber security.

Jobs Specialisation in Cyber Security

SECURITY SPECIALIST – An entry-level role with huge potential
INCIDENT RESPONDER – Prevent and protect against threats
SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR – Keep security systems running smoothly every day


VULNERABILITY ASSESSOR – Spot system vulnerabilities and create solutions
CRYPTOGRAPHER – Write the code that hackers can’t crack
SECURITY MANAGER – Keep systems secure with help from an expert team


SECURITY ARCHITECT – Outsmart online criminals by designing tough-to-crack security systems
CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER – Expertise in computer security and business acumen will take you far as a CIS
SECURITY ANALYST – Plan and execute flawless security measures



SECURITY AUDITOR – Find the weak spots in a security system before criminals do
SECURITY DIRECTOR – Make the rules and solve complex problems
FORENSIC EXPERT – Protect the cyber world and assist law enforcement


PENETRATION TESTER – Hack and protect computer systems for good
SECURITY CONSULTANT – Advise and implement the security solution
SECURITY ENGINEER – Build IT security systems for your organization


SOURCE CODE AUDITOR – Ensure code accuracy and safety prior to release






Job growth and future in Cyber Security

In cyber security there is a huge demand for the job as there is a distinct deficit going in the corporates. Professionals in the field of cyber security are much less than that of you think.

As reported in Cisco Systems, Inc., due to the result of this scarcity, many computer science workers, particularly those currently in the IT field, are eyeing employment in cyber security.

As the corporate sector is growing at a good pace, companies are looking for the experts who have the good command of security and expert in securing the system from any attacks.

Job growth from 2012 to 2022 for Information Security Analysts is anticipated to be 37 percent contrasted and 18 percent for all systems occupations and 11 percent for all occupations.


It is important to know about certifications and their importance if you already work in the field of cyber security.

  1. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)
     Focused on governance, risk management and compliance
  2. CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)
    Focuses on auditing, controlling, monitoring and assessing information systems
  3. CISSP (The Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
    Important if you want to work in defence
  4. GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification)
    Best for forensic and detecting purpose
  5. CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
    Certified you as an Ethical Hacker

All these certificates will add value in your current job and will result in the best job and career in cyber security.

Hope this article will be helpful for you. Comment below for any queries and suggestions.

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