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How to stay protected from Cyber Attacks in 2019

With an alarming rate, cyber attacks are increasing multi-fold every year. We should not ignore the lesson learnt from Wannacry attack (2017) which led to massive destruction all over the globe. We are living in the age where we can’t live without using internet facilities even a day.  So, we should know how to stay protected from cyber attacks in 2019 as well.

We are all so much covered into internet that sometimes forget the importance of keeping ourself protected from such attacks. Many a times, people regret after something unfortunate happens with them. Like with Wannacry attack, most of the users affected by it were using old security patches in their system which made them more vulnerable. Therefore, it is wisely said “Prevention is always much better than cure”.

Here are the some guidelines if you want to stay protected from cyber attacks in 2019.

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of reputable anti-virus solution

Most of the PC users today overlook and ignore the use of good anti-virus software of a reputed company. No matter what unless you are using Window 10 with regular security patch updates, you still need to install a good anti-virus solution in your system.

We do not know when, where and at what time somebody on Earth sitting in bedroom trying to enter into your computer system with ulterior motives. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use a good anti-virus software in your PC at least, as soon as possible.

2. Regularly update your devices’ software with latest security patch released

In 2017, when Wannacry affected millions of users worldwide, the most common reason was people not updating their system software on a regular basis. Microsoft clearly stated, if people would have installed the security patch issued in March 2017, then they would have been protected from it.

People not updating their software is the widespread lack of concern and to that Wannacry attackers used this vulnerability for their wrongful gain. You should not have an careless attitude of unless there is any problem in operating the device, we don’t need to update the system software.

No you still have to or I’d say you must regularly update it with latest security patch issued. Or atleast set your devices to automatically update, whenever it get a new software update and so you don’t have to check on every time.

3. Never click on any link, social media investigation unless you know and trust the source

Sometimes, we do become the victim of click bait on some links we get from our friends, family members or even unknown through either email attachments or through  social media or from What’sApp group. You should always be vigilant when someone ask you to “click on the link and see the magic”.

Unless you trust the source or have atleast a fair idea about it, you should never click on that link and download or open the file. From the earlier time when cyber attacks started, this method has been widely used. Gradually over the time, it got more advanced but the underlying concept remaining the same.

Therefore, if you don’t want yourself to get into any trouble and regret later on, we highly recommend you never click on unknown link.

4. Always shop reputable and reliable products from official websites only

People sometimes when don’t want to purchase an original product, look out for cheaper or even free sources from unofficial websites. You may sometimes get the product but along with it you will get a bonus of malware or spyware that you wouldn’t know about it unless some attack take place.

There are hundreds of thousands of cases where attackers steal the sensitive information such as bank details, credit/debit card details through the malicious software installed in your system. If you don’t want to share such  information, never download or install apps or any thing from untrusted sources.

Always get products (apps, softwares, etc) from official websites only if you want to stay protected from cyber attacks in 2019 as well.

5. Change passwords regularly and use a unique combination of letters, numbers and case types

I know this is cliche to suggest but you would be shocked to see when a hacker tries to hack into your system, if the password is strong consisting numbers, letters, case types and special characters, chances of you being safe are high. The reason is when you set a strong password, it will be difficult to hack into the system and chances are great, the attacker will move on to someone else’s account.

Therefore you should never underestimate the importance of setting strong and unique password and on top of that do change them regularly.

6. Use a DNS service which will be in between you and the attacker

When it comes to cyber attacks,  the DDoS attack are the worst of all. The main reason is the difficulty to identify and mitigate it at your own level. DDos Attacks are the attacks done by the attacker using thousands of Bots creating a whole BOTNET and sending requests and mass traffic to your network.

Thus in turn, bombarding your system resources which eventually put your network down resulting in denial of service. To read how to protect yourself from it. Below is the link to that.


These are such attacks which are difficult to mitigate without the help of security experts and DNS service providers which will stand in between your network and the attacker. When an attacker performs an attack, all the traffic will go through first DNS service provider and it will filter out the fake traffic through BOTNET from the genuine one.

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I hope this information will be helpful for you in keeping yourself protected in this year. In case you have any doubt or a suggestion, either way put it below.

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