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Google Tracking Location Even When GPS Turned OFF

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What is the issue with Google tracking user location?

Have you noticed that whenever you reach at some place listed on Google, and minutes after that Google ask you to give reviews and ratings?

It has been finally confirmed that Google is tracking your device’s location day and night even when GPS is turned off.

Recently, Google has confirmed and replied that it does track their user’s device location in order to provide them better experience.

How and when does it came into picture?

It first came into light when, a researcher found that, once he searched a place on Google map.

He turned GPS on of his device and closed it after some time.

He noticed that, when he reached at the shopping mall he was searching for, minutes after Google asked for the reviews and ratings of that place.

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It was very astonishing to him as he had already turned off GPS then how could Google track his location and ask for ratings and reviews.

How Google could know that he actually arrived at the place and ask for review?
This was not just a coincidence, the same thing I have been noticing from past 7-8 months or maybe more.

What is the whole system of data collection, data mining, and selling? Explained!

So, in this post, we have explained exactly what is the whole system of tracking location, data collection, data mining and selling of the data.

When Google locate your device location, it also collects your browsing history, browsing behavior, what do you exactly search on the internet, where you travel and what you do.

Moreover, your every search on Google, whether typed or spoken, is recorded and stored with Google.

It may on the face of it look just normal and fine, but when the same thing happens to millions of people, you can think of the amount of data it stores.

The amount of impact it can cause to any sector of the country. It’s beyond anyone else’s control.

For example, if Google track location, stores search history and buying preference of let’s say, 1 million people.

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Then it analyzes the data and found out that 80% of the people are interested in buying one particular model of one particular smartphone brand in the particular price range.

These data are of no value to normal users like us, but when this data is provided to smartphone companies, it will be of huge value to them.

The company will help data can understand that it should spend more money on that particular product than any other product in that specific country.

Here are multiple benefits to them, save their cost of production, and increase their sales and ultimately huge profits.

The company not going to keep the profits to themselves, it will definitely share it with Google.

Boom! That’s the revenue model of Google in very simple terms.

Why it is a problem?

Looks fair enough when Google provides so much of their services for free.

But it becomes unethical when Google without user’s permission track their search behavior; store their search history and their buying capacities as well.

It is a big question mark on the privacy of their users. And since it has been officially accepted by Google, therefore, once again it opened the room for debate.

The biggest question we have in this digital era today is related to the breach of user’s data privacy. How can we protect our self from unauthorized access to our device location?

Not denying the services it offers are of great value to normal users and its best when it’s free.

There are endless ways from which Google can have access to our every minute spent with our electronic devices.

For instance, one being among others, the photos you click when you go somewhere.

The camera app has access to location and also Xiomi users may know that when they click a picture and view the details. They can find the exact place where the picture was clicked.

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It looks creepy that how much we are toxicated with smartphones, internet, and social media.

There is nothing a person can hide in this world when it comes to digital format.

Now, if you understood the functioning of the digital world, you may want to get rid of all these things. If not all, then at least some part of it.

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What you can do? How can you protect yourself? Remedy available!

Google also provides a way to protect yourself.

All you have to do is visit my activity of all your Google accounts and where you can delete the search history, and view and delete your other data stored with the Google.

You will be surprised to know that, how much of your data is stored with Google. It also knows how many times and at what time you use WhatsApp on your phone.

All you have to do is visit my activity on Google account and delete all that part you wish nobody should have access to the store.

Also, you can use good Virtual Private Network (VPN), so that you can limit the amount of your data, Google collects and stores in order to provide you the “better user experience.”

The key to stay protected on the Internet is to be always vigilant and aware about how things around you actually work.

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