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Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones?

Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones? - TechApprise

Security is less concerned when we talk about purchasing a smartphone. We always look upon features, ease of use, price and how much handy the smartphone is.

But people with the huge amount of personal data stored in the system for this we recommend you to purchase a smartphone that is secured.

Here a question arises that Which is more secure? iPhone vs Android

And my answer to this question is that if you really want to secure your data, iPhone is the only option you are left with.

To prove this, I am going to give you top 5 reasons why iPhone is more secure than Android.

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Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones?

Top 5 reasons why iPhone is more secure than Android

I am taking you to the top 5 reasons to choose iPhone over Android so that this question “Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones” is answered in an efficient way and help you in deciding.

1. 3rd Party Application in Android (Unknown Sources)

3rd Party Application in Android - TechApprise

In android smartphones, we can access 3rd Party Application that is downloaded from unknown sources and we installed that application in our system.

Most of the 3rd party apps are not verified as result thieves found this as the best source for stealing data.

You will believe it or not, but the thing is that in iPhone attackers have not this type of easy sources of entering to your device.

All the applications that are available in iPhone are trusted and verified. You have no access to download any 3rd party application in iPhone.

This is the reason 97% of attackers choose Android as the best source to attack.

2. Market Share

When we talk about operating system security, market share is also a big issue.

Attackers want to create the biggest impact that they can create and for that, they use the widest platform that users are using.

This is the reason why windows are the most attacked software and the same goes for Android Operating System as out of 100% market share android cover 80% of the market when compared to 20% share if iOS’s.

So this proves that Android is the hash one target for attackers.

Even Google and its Hardware partners are not able to fight with every virus, spam, and scam that android user face. This is also a valid reason for Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones?

3. Biometric Verification (Touch ID)

Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones? - TechApprise

Android recently started using Touch ID like the fingerprint scanner and face unlock as the security feature when it is compared with Apple’s iPhone.

Hackers and attackers try to store Touch ID so that they can access device and store fingerprint matrices to access other major areas.

This isn’t the situation with Apple. Apple has dependably been exceptionally specific with regards to biometric check on their gadgets.

It isn’t only for Touch ID, Technologies like Iris Scan and Face ID have likewise been instituted by Apple first. The OS giant Apple, continue putting millions of dollars in the security-centered advancements so no such infringement occurs.

4. Device Fragmentation

Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones? - TechApprise

Higher the device fragmentation, higher the chances of introducing loopholes and this creates enough space for hackers for hacking and data breach incident.

Solution to this is keeping the device and operating system at the lower side.

Higher the device variants and operating system version makes it easy for hackers to attack and breach data.

In this case, Android is again lacking behind and Apple is leading as device version and operating system versions are limited.

5. Proper distribution of OS update

Distribution of OS update in Android and iOS has much difference.

Every iOS devices get total 4-5 updates in a life spam of device, which makes Apple update security patch in equal intervals.

When we talk about Android, Google releases the latest update for their devices like Pixel, Nexus and Android One first and then allows other manufacturers to get this update.

Due to this, every Android smartphone not gets updated to the latest version at the same time. Also, the update cycle of Android devices is just two years which is much higher.

So all these 5 reasons clear major doubt on the question, “Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones?”

If you have any query and suggestion then comment below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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