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Royalty Free Music Best For All Videos

Royalty Free Music | TechApprise

So in this post we have mentioned the cool ways through which you can find your ideal royalty free music without much hassles.

In this post we’re gonna mention about the most important topic when it comes to a good video is the “music”.

Anything can be shaped as anything with the music. You can make a comedy movie into a horror one with the music or the vice-versa.

Now the important question here is how to find a royalty free music?

How to find a royalty free music without compromising on the quality?

And that can be used for videos whether YouTube videos, commercial videos or any short movies and plays. Importance of music cannot be underestimated.

If you want to make a good video then you must use good music as well. Although you can use any song you like but when it comes to commercial purposes.

You cannot use any song you like without the permission of its creator.

You always need royalty free music if you want to monetize your videos on YouTube or for any commercial advertisements.

But exactly how can you find ideal music for your video that completely suits it.

When the music suits your videos, it makes them 10x better than by using any random song.

Also good music with good visuals connects the audience much better.

1. YouTube Audio Library

Royalty Free Music | TechApprise
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The first being the YouTube’s own audio library where you can go and find out your ideal audio for visuals.U

It’s completely the list of non copyrighted songs so that you can use them in your YouTube videos and monetize.

But the flaw is they do not have any particular category music like for short films, drone shots, etc.

So you have to listen to each song to find out what suits best for you.

2. Royalty Free Music – By Different Artists (including NCS)

Royalty Free Music | TechApprise
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There are many artists on YouTube who are providing a No Copyrighted Music.

The top three which I recommend are the ones mentioned below.

You can either go to their website or download from YouTube or even can find them on SoundCloud.

But also they don’t have any particular category, but after listening for some time, you hopefully will find the right music.

They all aim to fit into almost all type of videos.

But especially NCS on SoundCloud, where they mention some broad categories, there you can find sickest beats for your videos.

The NCS got their mobile app as well, there you can listen and download what music suits best for your visuals.

3. Websites That Offer Subscription Based Songs

Royalty Free Music | TechApprise
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There is another great option if you can spend a little amount and purchase a subscription which can be for a year or a month.

These websites provide unlimited royalty free music for the subscribed period.

The songs you download during subscription period provide you the lifetime license and can be used ‘n’ number of times in any project.

Once you download the song then it’s yours. One such website is ‘Art List’, they provide an yearly based subscription.

Once you get a subscription, you can download unlimited number of songs.

The subscription is like $200 USD for a year and you’re getting unlimited songs which can be used as if it were yours.

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They keep on uploading new songs every week and have different categories like nature, ambience, cinematic, vlogs, short films, etc.

You can listen to the song for free and if you think it’s worth it.

If you can afford it then you can definitely get a subscription and get unlimited royalty free music which is only licensed to you.


Royalty Free Music | TechApprise
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I hope you find the best royalty free music with the options I told you. If you can afford a little then you can get a subscription.

And if you cannot then you can go with the other two options.

The one is YouTube Audio Library and second one is group of three channels and application, NCS, Audio Library – No Copyright Music an d Vlog No Copyright Music.

Until and unless you try each one of them, you cannot find the right option that fits with your work. So go ahead and check yourself why they are the best sources of royalty free music. Thank us later!

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