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How To Delete Messages in Snapchat

How to delete messages in Snapchat - TechApprise

Snapchat has now added a new feature to the list, where users can finally delete messages sent to other users or in the group. It is the new feature that Snapchat launched this week which is easy to use. Here you will get to know How to delete messages in Snapchat

The new add-on will let you delete the message that you send to a user before they read. Previously, Snapchat only allows deleting chats and snaps that had sent to users and it is seen by the receiver. Snap and text messages previously remained in the messages log until both the parties opened the snap or unless it is auto-deleted after 30 days.

In the past, the user can only delete whole chat but not the single message. When it comes to group chat, the messages automatically deleted after 24 hours.

As said by the Snapchat “you can now attempt to delete messages from server and friend’s list, but it might not be work all the time. In case someone has the poor internet connection or an old version of Snapchat cannot use this feature.

Here are the steps on how to delete messages in Snapchat.

#1 Open Snapchat and swipe right to friend’s profile whom message you want to delete

#2 Check from the list of messages sent.

#3 Select the message you want to delete by tap and hold.

#4  Touch on “Delete” to delete the message.

Now as messages you sent by mistake or else you regret what you sent is no more the reason of regret for you, as the message sent by you is deleted. Reciever cannot see what message to send but they will see that a message is deleted from here.

Same in the group chat, you can delete a single message until all the members of the group had seen the message. Once the message is deleted you and other members can see a notice that something is deleted from here.

I hope everything is clear about this update on how to delete messages in Snapchat. This update is done to keep user rights and privacy safe, and meeting the competition in the market.


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