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5 Smartphone Mistakes You Should Never Make At Any Cost | 2018-19

Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone | TechApprise

Here are the 5 smartphone mistakes that you should never do with your smartphone

1. Not Updating System Software and Applications

This is one among the major smartphone mistakes people do today while using their smart phones.

Despite being multiple notifications regarding updates, they don’t update their system software and applications at all.

This directly affects your device in many ways.

Without keeping apps and software updated, your device is prone to multiple threats.

One among such is security threat. If you remember the case of ransomware named “Wannacry” from last year, which leave no country affected with it.

The reason why it was able to affect us and made helpless is simple. It was our mistake, not to keep their pc updated with the Microsoft’s latest security patch.

Those who kept their device’s security up-to-date secured themselves from the loss it could have made otherwise.

Therefore you should regularly keep your device software up to date.

This not only increases security but also provide new features, new look and boost your device performance.

The same applies to apps you download from Google Playstore.

Unless they are time to time updated, they won’t be able to provide you best performance by fixing bugs.

Also include new features and improved user interface (UI).

Therefore, regularly check in Setting > About Phone > System Update and update your device.

Also go to PlayStore > My apps & games > Update All and update all apps from time to time.

If you own something, then it’s your responsibility to keep that thing safe and protected.

2. Downloading Fake Applications

Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone | TechApprise
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It is not a kind of threat per se, but it can harm your phone in terms of battery and system performance.

There are several fake applications which are of no use. They lack the primary thing necessary and which is functionality.

There are apps like Satellite Checker but when you open they are bombarded with ads. They do not work at all.

These apps are either to gain access to your device or to make money by displaying ads.

You should never download these applications in your smart phone.

Before downloading any app from the play store, you should always go through once on the ratings and review.

Because of low barrier entry, there are hundreds of apps out there on play store.

You should always stay safe from such apps. Many aim to access you location, storage and phone details.

This is a potential threat for your phone’s and your safety as well. Hence, never make this mistake.

3. Killing Apps After Use

Things you should never do with your smartphone | TechApprise
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This topic is huge and many people have already told that you should never kill the apps that show in the background.

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Despite this, millions of people still kill their apps in a false believe that it will really improve device performance.

Android and Apple developers have already told that even if you don’t kill apps then also it won’t improve battery life.

Even if you have kill the application but actually it’s kind of an screenshot.

Those apps which have access to automatically start will keep on restarting.

Its just a sheer waste of time and by doing so you are wasting more battery of your device.

This is because the app will now have to consume more power to restart all over again.

Therefore, its of no use to clear the app again and again

There is obviously a reason to why these devices are known as smart devices.

Killing apps again and again just doesn’t help rather it aggravate the situation.

Therefore, you should never do this mistake with your smart phone.

4. Not Using Genuine Chargers

Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone | TechApprise
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The primary reason why this is considered as a mistake is because it can cause complete breakdown of your device.

There are many cases where the phone got damaged due to overcharging by cheap chargers.

Also there are cases where charger got exploded and leaving your phone destroyed.

Therefore, if you are planning not to replace your phone in near time, restrict yourself to not using cheap charger ever

Always use branded charger, because it will really improve the life of your smart phone.

5. Not Cleaning Your Smart Phone With Anti Bacterial Solutions

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This mistake is from health perspective of your body.

It is a mistake which 99% of the smart phone users make and also the person reading it now.

As people take their phone to washroom as well and then use them and repeating this procedure from months.

You will be shocked to know that your phone is as dirty as a toilet seat.

It contains all the dead cells and bacteria transferred from our body to our smart phones.

Our smart phone is the closest thing which we have in our life right now.

And to that which contains all the dirt and germs, we do not clean it. You can do so with anti-bacterial wipes.

You may not know observe but it is one of main reason in case you get sick and cold.

People today, eating food and using their smart phones and don’t realize that billions of germs are transfer to our body on regular basis.

This also applies to ear phones, you should avoid using someone else ear phones if you truly care for your health.

Therefore, you should keep your phone clean with anti-bacterial wipes or something like that.

Cleaning with normal cloth may look it cleaner from naked eyes but not actually hygienic and clean.

Therefore, buy anti bacterial wipes and clean your phone atleast once a week.

Hence, these are few but most dangerous smartphone mistakes that you should never do with your smartphone at any cost.

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