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Intel smartphone-sized pocket PC with Windows 10

Intel smartphone-sized pocket PC with Windows 10 - TechApprise

Intel has developed a new pocket PC with full Windows 10 installed in it. The new pocket PC is in the size of a smartphone only, that is easy to carry in your pocket itself. The fully installed Windows 10 is highly performable in this smartphone-sized PC.

In the time of technology where everything is evolving, Intel new pocket PC is compact and shaped smaller as compared to the past, where large computers are used and then the personal computer is sized to a desktop and then the laptop is invented.

Double screen workstations may be the following pattern in customer PCs, yet there are some OEMs inspired by Pocket PCs, including Intel. The chipmaker flaunted the double screen Tiger Rapids at Computex 2018, and it creates the impression that Intel likewise built up a pocket PC with full Windows 10 working framework.

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The new Intel smartphone PC is powered by Intel Core Kaby Lake Y – A Responsive performance and mobile productivity for 2-in-1s and mainstream notebooks. This pocket pc bolster for running undeniable work area applications when associated with a work area docking station.

Intel has anyway likewise built up a dock (somewhat like the Samsung Dex docks) which contains a fan and which would permit dynamic cooling of the PocketPC, and which would give the gadget a chance to be associated with a full console, screen, and mouse and offer an intense work area encounter.

The fact is that Intel Pocket PC is a prototype version only and it will be not available in the market. Nothing is known about the market release or it will available in future or not to general public. It is an innovative product at today’s time, where everyone wants to have this type of product and use this to build productivity on the go.

Now the question is that will people will prefer this type of product or not? Comment below with your view on this new developed product.


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