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6 PUBG Facts – Meaning of Chicken Dinner

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise

In this post, I have mentioned meaning of Chicken Dinner and PUBG facts which are the most interesting and unknown ones.

Top 6 PUBG Facts

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game launched in 2017.

Soon after its launch, it was widely acclaimed and become one of the fastest to gain popularity.

1. PUBG Broke Dota 2’s All Time Concurrent Player’s Record

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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According to a SteamCharts, PUBG has broken all records of highest number i.e 1.35 million of concurrent players.

Earlier the record holder was Dota 2 with 1.29 million concurrent player set in January 2016.

The record is not just of Dota 2 but every record made till now on live steam games.

This also makes PUBG the fastest growing and one of the biggest games of all time.

No matter what, this game is just breaking records left, right and center.

Moreover it’s now breaking its own records.
Recently, it was reported that it has managed to cross of 3 million concurrent player’s record.

This means, exactly 3,106,358 players who were logged in and were playing at the same time as reported by Polygon.

Undoubtedly PUBG has all potential to break many other records and can become the biggest game of all time.

2. PUBG Includes BOTS and Why They Do It?

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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If you have played PUBG, you might have noticed that, there are bots inserted in the game.

There are 100 players land with parachute on a particular map.

Out of total 100 players, there are some percentages of total players which include BOTS.

The bots won’t do any harm. Also, they won’t fire as well. They will only run and dunk when fired upon them.

As per the observation, I can say that BOTS are added to reduce the difficulty level of the game.

The reason is that it will become very difficult for noob or new players to play together with more experienced ones.

3. PUBG Inspired By Film ‘Battle Royale’

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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PUBG is developed and published by PUBG Corp, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company BlueHole.

The main designer for the game is Brendan Greene.

PUBG took its inspiration from the film Battle Royale to become a standalone game.

It was named PUBG because it is based on its previous mods named Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene.

Brendan often used PlayerUnknown as name whenever he used to play games.

That’s reason of its named as PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds.

4. Meaning Of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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Whenever the player wins a game in PUBG, on the screen it flashes, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Many people wonder what does that actually mean, if any?

So here I have completely explained the reason and its actual meaning.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is actually a phrase running from several decades.

It started in some part of Latin America. Where the economy was poor and generally people used to gamble a lot.

So whenever a person wins at gambling, it was considered that as he had lot of money today he can have chicken dinner tonight.

Because at that point of time, chicken was something which only few people can afford.

Therefore it was a part of a luxury which people can afford upon winning at gambling.

From there, this phrase has been taken so it shows that you have lot of money today and can have chicken dinner.

5. PUBG Allow To Record 3D Cinematic Shots of Gameplay

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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Did you know that, PUBG provides you an option of recording your gameplay?

Moreover, not just normal gameplay, it also allows players to record 3D cinematic view of their gameplay.

But recording in 3D cinematic view is only available with computer version. So now you know, you can make a short movie out of your tonight’s PUBG gameplay recording.

6. PUBG Never Invested on Advertisements, Only Mouth Publicity

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise
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“If your product is great, you may not need advertising at all”

PUBG is among very few games which have successfully included itself in the list of games that do not need advertising.

The success of PUBG comes from word of mouth which is also known as mouth publicity.

That means, when you install and play PUBG, and when you like it.

If you like, shares it with your friend who in turn shares it with 10 more people.

This way whole system is created through recommendations of your family members, friends etc.

That’s how PUBG gained such a phenomenal response and love from all over the world.

So this was the real meaning behind Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and some PUBG facts.

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