The biggest disasters in the history cyber security

Are you aware of how many cyber disasters made so far? Also do you know what they were, what they did and how they made it through front headlines?

Every hacking attack ever made had always led us to learn some key lessons and that help us to find an answer to the three most important questions.

1. What and how it all happened?

2. Where are we lacking behind?

3. How can we make our systems better and secure?

Now, moving on to our list of top 5 biggest cyber disasters that have affected millions of people in more than 150 countries.

1. Conficker Worm

This worm is also known as Downup, Downadup, and Kido. Worms are, in a nutshell, enters into your computer and replicates itself in no time, and ultimately opens other software unnecessarily that slows down your whole system and even very often it is used to steal credit card details as well.

Moreover, it makes your computer to participate in other unethical things. For instance, if there is a cyberwar going on between two hacker groups or organizations, with the help worms, hackers can use your system machine as a bot and setup to commit any other attack whatsoever they want.

They can use your whole network for even Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack onto somebody’s else computer or any organization. If your computer injected with any worm, and attack has been performed, it is very difficult to find about it. In 2008, Conficker Worm was launched, and from that period, it never completely stopped. For the record, it covered around 20 percent of all the cyber disasters happened in 2008-09 in more than 185 countries worldwide.


2. Stuxnet

Stuxnet was first discovered in 2010 by Kaspersky Labs. It was also called as the first digital weapon. Stuxnet targeted the SCADA systems and was responsible to cause all substantial loss to Iran’s nuclear program. All the nuclear facilities of Iran was sabotaged by this worm.

The employees of the Nuclear unit has their own USB flash drives, where all the critical information of the nuclear material and experiments were stored. So the worm has been installed into their network environment through that. It leads to the major disruption in their experiments.

The biggest threat to the organization was that it completely stopped the main centrifugal process of uranium going on as a part of experiments. Hackers have vandalized their equipment through worms as well. It was a great destruction and was believed that it was formed jointly by America/Israeli cyber weapon. But the truth nobody knows to date.

3. Home Decor Credit Card Attack

Home decor credit card attack is considered to be one of the major attacks related to the data breaches. Hackers took a advantage of very small but critical vulnerability of Microsoft OS. They cracked the password of one retail store of major home decor chain.

Through which hackers sneaked into the all the databases connected with one retail store to the whole chain and network of stores worldwide. Attackers installed a virus, through which they were able to steal 56 million credit card details from their user database all over the world. Therefore it is considered to be one of the biggest data breach attacks in the cyber world.

4. Spamhaus Attack

In 2013, Hackers attacked the Spamhaus company. Spamhaus is well known for dealing into tracking email spammers and spam-related activities.

It used to create a list of spammers and hackers and then blacklisted them from the websites they are attacking into. For instance, someone is trying to perform the DDoS attack on your system, so this website identifies, tracks and makes a list of such hackers & spammers and then blackist them.

So that they can never access that website. The attack happened by a teenager of about 13-14 years from London. He hacked the main system of Spamhaus through which it was controlling all their operations. All the websites it powered become inoperable, also a large part of the internet was affected by this attack. Later on, the child was although arrested but realeased after sometime as he was juvenile.

5. EBAY Phising Attack

Ebay intially offered users to allow entering their own custom html codes into the specific section below every product, in order to provide more flexibility to users. Hackers took advantage of that and inserted their own infected javascript there, which allowed them to create a phising page inside Ebay itself.

Whenever a user enters a new card details, believing it to be Ebay, but the details were transferred directly into the hacker databases. Therefore it is also considered a biggest phising attack ever, because at that time Ebay was operating in all the major economies of the world with a huge user base and those were severley affected by this.

These attacks proves us how vulnerable we actually are in cyber space. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves updated through latest technologies used to commit such disastrous attacks those ultimately create a serious effect on our personal life.

Therefore, we are here, to keep you abrushed with the latest tips and tricks through which it will help you to combat and you can keep yourself protected from getting involved into it.

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