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8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know 2018-19

8 Most Dangerous Apps For Teens | TechApprise

Here are the list of 8 most dangerous apps that parents must know about at every cost to save the life of their young ones. 1. WHISPER Whisper is an app developed for people to share their secrets, express themselves and meet new people. This way to meet new people is through their nearby location. […]

Google Tracking Location Even When GPS Turned OFF

Google Tracking Location | TechApprise

What is the issue with Google tracking user location? Have you noticed that whenever you reach at some place listed on Google, and minutes after that Google ask you to give reviews and ratings? It has been finally confirmed that Google is tracking your device’s location day and night even when GPS is turned off. […]

Top 4 cases that Apple lost in recent years

Apple taking a shot at wireless headset for both AR, VR

  Top 4 cases that Apple lost Apple in recent years lost as many cases, which leads Apple to pay most of the compensation. All top 4 cases that Apple lost are high-profile cases and Apple had paid bigger compensation amount to these below companies. Apple wins a case that they filed against major competitor […]

Best Free Productivity Apps of 2018

best free productivity apps

We all understand the importance of being productive all day long and give our 100% to every task we come across a day. Therefore, we present you the list of best free productivity apps of 2018. But very often we fail to implement these things in our real life and indulge ourselves in things those […]

Top myths about RAM & how destroying your device

RAM myths need to be bursted affecting device efficiency

Random Access Memory is one of the most essential requirements of any computing and storing device, whether it is a computer, mobiles, tablets, etc. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of computer information stockpiling that stores information and machine code at the same time being utilized. A Random Access Memory enables information about things […]

Google employees resign over Project Maven issue

Google | TechApprise

  Some of the Google employees, around a dozen, leaves google over the protest on making Artificial Intelligence based drone for the Project Maven, a Pentagon work. From the several months, Project Maven is in controversy. The reason behind this is to accelerate investigation of drone footage via consequently ordering pictures of items and individuals. The […]

13 Weird but True facts about big technology companies

Weird Facts about Technology | TechApprise

Have you ever noticed and thought why Google search page got very simple design and layout? Also do you believe Nokia was the number one company to sell maximum number of cellphones in the whole world? Here we have mentioned top 13 very less known facts about big technology companies and about their products, services, […]

The biggest disasters in the history cyber security

The biggest disasters in the history cyber security

Are you aware of how many cyber disasters made so far? Also do you know what they were, what they did and how they made it through front headlines? Every hacking attack ever made had always led us to learn some key lessons and that help us to find an answer to the three most […]