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AOMEI Partition Assistant 7.5 Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant 7.5 Review | TechApprise

AOMEI Partition Assistant is one of the best disc partition manager tool or software that is available right now. AOMEI Technology, a leading group of software developers that majors in the hard disc and partition manager, backup and restore, and cloud files transfer. At present, the company is the first one to develop “SSD Secure […]

Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners

Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners | TechApprise

  Investment is all that today’s generation is looking for. The rise in the consumer-friendly investment system done this and makes the customer rely on several investment portfolios. In case you are new, with the investment of as low as $10, you can put a step in the investment market. Many people put off investing […]

5 Best Tech Gifts For Raksha Bandhan ’18

5 best Tech Gifts for Raksha Bandhan to your sister | TechApprise

India is the country of Festivals and soon Indians are celebrating Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi), the festival where the sister ties a band on the wrist of the brother as a form of bond and ritual protection. But the festival is said to be incomplete without the gifts to sister. If you are brother and searching […]

5 Smartphone Mistakes You Should Never Make At Any Cost | 2018-19

Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone | TechApprise

Here are the 5 smartphone mistakes that you should never do with your smartphone 1. Not Updating System Software and Applications This is one among the major smartphone mistakes people do today while using their smart phones. Despite being multiple notifications regarding updates, they don’t update their system software and applications at all. This directly […]

Best IT Security Software of 2018 – Automation

  Security refers to taking measures to protect something by ensuring no harm can take place. Security, in information technology (IT), is the safeguard of computerized data and IT resources against inside and outer, malevolent and accidental dangers. This barrier incorporates discovery, avoidance, and reaction to dangers using security strategies, programming, software and IT administrations. […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Amazon Prime Membership May Not Worth You

top 5 reasons why amazon prime membership may not worth you | TechApprise

Amazon already covered one hundred million subscription to Prime Membership and due to this much number of subscription, the company increased the membership price to $119 a year. In the bunch of membership packet, it offers Free Shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, eBooks and some other benefits. The question here arises is that the money you […]

Father’s Day 2018 – Top 10 Tech Gifts He’ll Surely Love

Tech Gifts on this Father's Day | TechApprise

Father’s day is just near to come and if you are planning to buy some gifts for your father, here are some top tech gifts that you should gift to your father. All the tech gifts that I am going to suggest below are suggested by experts and we recommend you to let your father […]

Top myths about RAM & how destroying your device

RAM myths need to be bursted affecting device efficiency

Random Access Memory is one of the most essential requirements of any computing and storing device, whether it is a computer, mobiles, tablets, etc. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a type of computer information stockpiling that stores information and machine code at the same time being utilized. A Random Access Memory enables information about things […]

Mother’s Day Special: Perfect gift for your mother

Amazon Echo

Mother’s Day is an occasion regarding parenthood that is seen in various structures all around the world, and Mother’s Day 2018 happens on Sunday, May 13, in the United States. The American incarnation of Mother’s Day was made by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and turned into an authority U.S. occasion in 1914. Jarvis would later […]

Why low signal strength drains more power | Smartphones signals & power consumption explained

Why low signal strength drains more power | Smartphones signals & power consumption explained

Have you wondered why your battery drains faster while you are travelling? Or have you noticed any change in your smartphone battery on low network signal strength?  If yes, then why? Before we understand the reason behind, first we should know exactly how mobile network work. Every mobile device has its own signal antenna through […]