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How to stay protected from Cyber Attacks in 2019

With an alarming rate, cyber attacks are increasing multi-fold every year. We should not ignore the lesson learnt from Wannacry attack (2017) which led to massive destruction all over the globe. We are living in the age where we can’t live without using internet facilities even a day.  So, we should know how to stay protected […]

DDoS Attack: The Definitive Guide [2018 Update]

About the Author Hey guys, it’s Aayush here. Unlike most so-called cybersecurity “experts”, I publish what I preach. And in this guide, I’m going to show YOU what are DDoS attacks, their types, their major causes, how to detect them and how to mitigate a DDoS attack. Keep reading till the end. CONTENTS A Distributed Denial […]

Best Stress Relieving Apps to Gain all Opportunities

Best Stress Relieving Apps to Gain all Opportunities | TechApprsie

We are in the time where most of the human resources are indulge in the activities where they get some type of negativity, stress, anxiety,  and depression. These things happen when people were not able to get out time from their busy schedule or when people get mentally disturbed from something i.e unusual, uncertain, and affects […]

Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones?

Are iPhones more secure than Android Phones? - TechApprise

Security is less concerned when we talk about purchasing a smartphone. We always look upon features, ease of use, price and how much handy the smartphone is. But people with the huge amount of personal data stored in the system for this we recommend you to purchase a smartphone that is secured. Here a question arises […]

Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners

Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners | TechApprise

  Investment is all that today’s generation is looking for. The rise in the consumer-friendly investment system done this and makes the customer rely on several investment portfolios. In case you are new, with the investment of as low as $10, you can put a step in the investment market. Many people put off investing […]

8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know 2018-19

8 Most Dangerous Apps For Teens | TechApprise

Here are the list of 8 most dangerous apps that parents must know about at every cost to save the life of their young ones. 1. WHISPER Whisper is an app developed for people to share their secrets, express themselves and meet new people. This way to meet new people is through their nearby location. […]