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How to stay protected from Cyber Attacks in 2019

With an alarming rate, cyber attacks are increasing multi-fold every year. We should not ignore the lesson learnt from Wannacry attack (2017) which led to massive destruction all over the globe. We are living in the age where we can’t live without using internet facilities even a day.  So, we should know how to stay protected […]

DDoS Attack: The Definitive Guide [2018 Update]

About the Author Hey guys, it’s Aayush here. Unlike most so-called cybersecurity “experts”, I publish what I preach. And in this guide, I’m going to show YOU what are DDoS attacks, their types, their major causes, how to detect them and how to mitigate a DDoS attack. Keep reading till the end. CONTENTS A Distributed Denial […]

Royalty Free Music Best For All Videos

Royalty Free Music | TechApprise

So in this post we have mentioned the cool ways through which you can find your ideal royalty free music without much hassles. In this post we’re gonna mention about the most important topic when it comes to a good video is the “music”. Anything can be shaped as anything with the music. You can […]

6 PUBG Facts – Meaning of Chicken Dinner

PUBG Facts - Meaning Of Chicken Dinner | TechApprise

In this post, I have mentioned meaning of Chicken Dinner and PUBG facts which are the most interesting and unknown ones. Top 6 PUBG Facts PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game launched in 2017. Soon after its launch, it was widely acclaimed and become one of the fastest to gain popularity. […]

8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know 2018-19

8 Most Dangerous Apps For Teens | TechApprise

Here are the list of 8 most dangerous apps that parents must know about at every cost to save the life of their young ones. 1. WHISPER Whisper is an app developed for people to share their secrets, express themselves and meet new people. This way to meet new people is through their nearby location. […]

5 Smartphone Mistakes You Should Never Make At Any Cost | 2018-19

Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone | TechApprise

Here are the 5 smartphone mistakes that you should never do with your smartphone 1. Not Updating System Software and Applications This is one among the major smartphone mistakes people do today while using their smart phones. Despite being multiple notifications regarding updates, they don’t update their system software and applications at all. This directly […]

Google Tracking Location Even When GPS Turned OFF

Google Tracking Location | TechApprise

What is the issue with Google tracking user location? Have you noticed that whenever you reach at some place listed on Google, and minutes after that Google ask you to give reviews and ratings? It has been finally confirmed that Google is tracking your device’s location day and night even when GPS is turned off. […]