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WhatsApp Update: Swipe Right to Reply and Dark Mode

WhatsApp Update: Swipe Right to Reply and Dark Mode | TechApprise


WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app/platform with more than 200 million users is now coming up with another update to increase usability by adding user-friendly features.

The 2 new features that WhatsApp is going to add is

  1. Swipe right to reply (Already working in iOS)
  2. Dark Mode

Both the features are currently available for beta users and soon it will be available for all users. Swipe to reply is already seen in iOS devices.

The motive behind this WhatsApp update is that WhatsApp wants its platform to

  1. Simple, Fast, and Convenient
  2.  More engaging to use
  3. Give a better user experience

Swipe right to reply

WhatsApp has submitted a new update to Google Play Beta Programme that is available to beta users only updating version up to 2.18.282. In a report by WhatsApp, they need to change some of the features before they released it for Android users.

Swipe right to reply is already the part of iOS where the user needs to swipe right on the message they want to reply and chat box along with keyboard is opened where you need to just type the message and send.

Same in Android user need to swipe right and enter the text they want to send.

This WhatsApp update will eliminate 2 steps, one is clicking on the name of the person you want to reply and second is clicking on the type a message area to open the keyboard.

This will reduce Per Touch result in the faster reply.

WhatsApp Update: Swipe Right to Reply and Dark Mode | TechApprise

Dark Mode

This is the common feature which can be seen in the most of the messaging app and even in mobile phones too where you can use dark mode at night time or dim light. This feature is to decrease strain on the user’s eyes while using the application at a bedtime.

WhatsApp too working on Dard Mode for both iOS and Android user. Users from a long time are waiting for such update as usage of this app is more at night time.

This additional feature will help users to decrease strain and also help them in monitoring battery level.

Our Opinion

Both the update is up to the mark and much important for the WhatsApp user. This update is much better than the last update where WhatsApp is working upon adding new things to the platform rather than improving usability.

So this is something that we expected from WhatsApp and that too basic WhatsApp Update which they are not looking for.

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