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The Best Dating Apps for 2019 in Market

Best Dating Apps

Cold weather and thirsty weekends, people seek for the companion and try to meet with other single people.

As various apps available in the market, people seek the most suitable apps that are useful and convenient for them. Here I had used and researched about some of the most common, best dating apps that are available till date. These apps are free i.e no one-time membership fee or annual charges is charged from your pocket.

Regardless Tinder (most common word of mouth), I am going to suggest you some ideal, best dating apps. Have a look at these apps.

1. Match.com

Launched since 1995, match.com is working very well in helping singles to find the love of life. With 15 languages and hosting in 24 countries, match become one of the oldest and best dating apps.

With the match, you can send likes to as many people as you can within the radius you had chosen. But you can message only when another person also likes you. Personal details can be shared on the mutual consideration of both the party in the chat box.

I recommend you to go for free version only as they are giving you so much at free of cost. Spending money on love is not what to do.

2. Happn

“Find the people you’ve crossed paths with” – with this tagline happn is working well in competition by differentiating themselves with other dating apps. Once you install this app and travel to different places, you can find out your love using this app and searching for people like you. Happn is using Geo Location to do so and standing out in the competition.

Suppose you are male and you crossed path with a girl whom you stalk by turning back once she crossed you. There is a chance that you can find that girl on happn and you can try your luck. That’s cool….isn”t it?

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3. OkCupid

With more than 40 million users and growing in number, company ask some questions to users and decide there match on the basis of that questions. Reason be people of same choices stay a bit long. They are much focused on connecting people for long relations.

Along this OkCupid is regularly upgrading there system or app to provide enhance feature to there users. They add the advance feature and keep interface up-to-date to provide you better service than before.

4. Clover

The Fastest Way to Meet New People

With this tagline, Clover is working in such a way that they can provide dating services in a faster way that no other dating app is providing. This means you can directly search people directly, message them, and fix a date without any barrier.

You can also find people located nearby to your location. Along with this, Clover is also known for chat box available for friends seekers (for those who are not interested in dating or best dating apps).

5. Meet Me

This app is known for an eye-catchy and user-friendly interface. Again it is GPS enabled an app that uses your location to track people nearby you available for dating.

Live Video Streams are also launched by MeetMe in 2017. Users are now currently able to go live and share their video on this platform (just like Instagram live). Through this, they have higher chance of getting there partners, as they come under much notice than before.

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