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Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners

Best Apps to Start Investment with $10 for Beginners | TechApprise


Investment is all that today’s generation is looking for. The rise in the consumer-friendly investment system done this and makes the customer rely on several investment portfolios.

In case you are new, with the investment of as low as $10, you can put a step in the investment market. Many people put off investing by assuming that investment required a good sum of money that they don’t have.

But how you can start by investing just $10?


We are providing you details on some of the Best Apps to start Investment with $10 that will help you in investing in stocks to gold, that too in just a few minutes.

Without wasting time, now directly moving to each app separately. This post will help you to know about each app and that too at the level you need to know.

All the below Apps are the Best Apps to start Investment with $10.


Invest Your Spare Change

Anyone Can Grow Wealth

As mentioned in the Acorns Tagline, you can start investment by investing spare change you are left with and grow good wealth through that investment of change. Acorns is also the Best Apps to start Investment with $10.

Here a question arises that can anyone grow wealth by starting with as low as possible?

My answer to this question is a big yeessss.

Your wealth can only be created by investing that little amount and getting the benefit on that little investment too. The benefits in this case:

  1. You will not spend spare money
  2. You will start investing and getting the return
  3. Getting in habit of saving and investing


With this app, you can do much more. So, lets began with the ways you can grow:

Round-Ups – Invest spare change from everyday purchases

Recurring Investments -Set it and forget it with a daily, weekly or monthly automatic investment

One-Time Investments -Boost your account anytime, anywhere. Even $5 adds up

Found Money – Earn money when you shop with over 200 top brands

Referrals – Grow your account when friends start investing

Acorns Later – The easiest way to save for retirementAcorns Spend – The only checking account with a debit card that saves, invests and earns for you

Acorns Spend – The only checking account with a debit card that saves, invests and earns for you

I think this much is enough for you. Visit Acorns Website to know more.


Finhabits is an app that mainly works upon Individual Retirement Account (IRA). You can open an IRA on Finhabits website/app and get benefit in the future by depositing timely.

What Finhabits can do for you?

Easy as Can Be – Let’s change the way you save! Open an account in just minutes and we take care of the rest.

Fairness in Fees – We charge a small fraction of the cost of traditional services, with no surprises.

Automatic Savings – Schedule automatic contributions of as little as $5 a week and just live your life

Real Experts – Real ExpertsGot questions? We have real people standing by to help.

How Finhabits work?

Finhabits follow a 4-way chain to start investing in the investment market. This is the reason why Finhabits is popular.

  1. Select your Goal: Change the way you save. Choose “Invest My Money” for all your mid-term goals of one year or more, or go with “Save for Retirement” for long-term investing.
  2. Schedule your Contribution: You and only you can decide when to contribute and how much. Plus, with automatic contributions of as little as $5 a week, you can reach your goals without much effort.
  3. We”ll make your Investment Plan: They’ll guide you to set up a well-balanced investment portfolio that makes sense for you – reflecting your priorities, your life today and what you’re looking to accomplish for tomorrow.
  4. Then just Live your Life: And if you ever have questions, ask away! Whether you want to learn about your portfolio or what in the world rebalancing is, we’re here with real-life answers!

Working differently from other crowd makes this app as Best Apps to start Investment with $10.


Blooom is the organization that is working on the 401k investment plan and involving their full potential to help clients to provide better service and saves fees.

One thing to note that Bloom is only for Americans and American companies only.

What is the 401k plan?

A 401k plan is a retirement plan that allows certain eligible employees of a company to save and create a lifetime retirement plan on the deferred tax basis.

When I said eligible, then eligible means “The only employer is allowed to sponsor a 401k retirement plan for their employees.”

How Blooom Works?

  1. Check your 401k: Get a free analysis of your current employer-sponsored retirement plan. Understand your investments at a glance and uncover unnecessary hidden fees.
  2. Put us to work: Put blooom to work on your account for $10 per month. We’ll fix your 401k by optimizing your fund choices and minimizing hidden fees.
  3. Sit back and relax: With blooom managing and monitoring your account, you can relax knowing your nest egg is in expert hands. We’ll keep you on track to retirement!

You can find out that blooom is right for you or not. You just need to attempt 6 question quiz for this.

401k investment plan makes it Best Apps to start Investment with $10 to a 401k plan.

Status Money

Compare Your Finances.
Find Opportunities.
Status Money is doing work in the field of comparing investment plan of millions of people just like you. They simply present a data in front of you and you can compare that data to find out which investment portfolio is best for you.

Why Status Money?

  1. Insightful: See your finances in context and gain new insights into your financial strengths and opportunities.
  2. Actionable: Status uses algorithms to find opportunities for you to save and earn smarter.
  3. Comprehensive: Track all your accounts, monitor your credit, and get alerts that help you manage your financial life.
  4. Private: Your personal information will never be sold or shared with any advertiser.
  5. Free: Status is free. It makes money from ads which are tailored for you based on your unique profile.

All the 4 apps are best apps to start investment with $10. We recommend you to consider these apps while you are investing for the first time.

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