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8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know 2018-19

8 Most Dangerous Apps For Teens | TechApprise

Here are the list of 8 most dangerous apps that parents must know about at every cost to save the life of their young ones.


Whisper is an app developed for people to share their secrets, express themselves and meet new people.

This way to meet new people is through their nearby location. Use of location itself makes this application dangerous for children.

It is one of the most dangerous apps that your children may install and share sensitive information to others.

This app enables users to provide their secrets with their friends found on nearby location.

The predators, these days are looking for their victims through digital medium. Especially use of location just aggravates the vulnerability this app can provide to children.

Therefore, this app is big no for children and their phone should be monitored on regular basis.


8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

BeeTalk is an application for people to find other people based on their area of interests.

This app needs access to location like the previous one. By using location, it scans the people with similar interest based on their distance.

Then, it allows users to send messages and free calls. The messages have the ability to disappear after some time called as whisper feature.

This is undoubtedly one among dangerous apps for children.

First of all, it use location and secondly, allow users to send voice messages and unlimited free calls.

These open new doors for predators to find their next victim.

Therefore, I highly recommend keeping children stay away from this dangerous app.


8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

No matter how much this app denies, but it is indirectly a teen dating app.

It’s more like a dating app rather being fun chat app for kids.

The tagline reads as Swipe, Chat and Make Friends by expanding social network and meet new people.

It’s a swiping app for teens and and have an option to make friends. If both users accept, it’s a match and then it allows chatting them privately.

With one swipe, you can go out and meet people in real world. Now, if you think dating for your kids is fine, you can skip reading more.

But if you really think it’s not safe at all, go ahead, keep checking their phone and do regular monitoring.

4. TIKTOK (Formerly Musical.ly)

8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

TikTok is an app formerly known and named as Musical.ly.

This app allows users to make short videos of their own and  share with world.

It can be either dubs of famous songs or dialogues. This app is also responsible for many viral videos worldwide.

Okay, so you may be wondering why it is considered in a list dangerous apps for children.

I am not denying that it’s not a fun app.

But no matter what, this app requires a lot of monitoring. It may expose children to many inappropriate things.

Also, once something insensitive posted online, it can never be actually taken down.

Therefore, I highly recommend using it only with parental guidance otherwise it can be really dangerous for children.

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8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

Down is another dating app which can be highly dangerous for children.

It’s not a teen dating app like SpotaFriend, but it is still dangerous app if you don’t want your kids to start dating so early.

This app is like a next level of Tinder.

It’s highly dangerous for kids meeting strangers based on location and dating for them.

They might think it’s cool for them to start dating early in life.

But being an elderly, it’s your responsibility to regulate a check up on their activities.

Therefore, it’s the one not suitable for children at all.


8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

Yubo is another social app that facilitates users to meet new friends worldwide.

Its features include – Go live with 10 people, one to one chat and live streams are public and can be seen by unlimited number of people.

The primary reason for considering it as a dangerous app is its go live feature.

The live-streams are public and therefore can be seen by anyone using this application.

This is highly vulnerable for children as it’s possible to record the live streams.

The person with malice intention may harm children and blackmail them for sensitive information.

Hope you get an idea, so go ahead and delete it now, (if found).


8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

Hot Or Not is an application allows users to rate the hottest people online based on nearby location.

It is highly inappropriate for children to use it because of multiple aspects.

First of all, it requires mobile number and access to location.

Second and most dangerous aspect is they may end up getting into depression.

It also enable other people as well to rate on your child’s pictures.

The pictures may be used to either blackmail them or to edit them and re-uploaded on internet.

Therefore, this is really one of most dangerous apps that children must not use.


8 Dangerous Apps Parents Must Know About | Techapprise

Voxer allows users to have a walkie talkie experience. It supports voice texts, photos and location sharing with your friends.

Children might end up sharing their information regarding photos and location with strangers.

The apps with creative ideas generally attract children more.

They might start using this with their school and tuition friends. It is highly possible for your child to become friendly with strangers.

It can be used as a tool for predators to find and locate their targeted victims. Hopefully, you get an idea regarding the possibility of other related events.

Therefore, I highly recommend for children not using this dangerous app.


Hence these are the list of some most dangerous apps that your children might download and start using it.

I highly recommend to check their phone time to time for such applications. Also you should check for apps that hide other apps.

There are a number of cases related to cyber crime, cyber bullying, blackmailing and even extortion.

Its your responsibility to check your younger ones phone and keep them protected.

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