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Qualcomm introduced three new next-generation Snapdragon processors.

Qualcomm announces 3 brand new next-generation SD processors that feature Camera, Charging and LTE modem solutions which will add on Snapdragon processors family. Qualcomm recently announced this add-on at the 4G/5G Summit happening at HongKong right now.
Snapdragon 653, Snapdragon 626 and Snapdragon 427 joined SD processors family which features revolutionary change to next-generation smartphones. A much important tech moderation boosts smartphone features which result in latest user experience. Company fairly made improvements that develop interest among users.

Snapdragon 653

As compared to Snapdragon 652 , the Snapdragon 653 processor will perform 10% higher performance with new pieces of silicon. Improved CPU and GPU will boost up to 1.95GHz better than the last 1.80GHz. It also doubled the RAM, up to 8GB which is best and improves overall system performance.

Snapdragon 626

The Snapdragon 626 is also planned to perform 10% higher performance as compared to older processor snapdragon 625 that will boost up to 2.20GHz . The new concept of TruSignal will improve reception of the signal in congested areas that will going to solve the problem which is reliable in Voice and Data connection superior quality. This will be featured by Qualcomm TruSignal Antenna boost.

Snapdragon 427

The all new Snapdragon 427 comes with visible improvements. The minor change in CPU and GPU performance does not improve much performance. Boost also remain same to 1.4GHz.  427 is the first in family 400 to offer TruSignal antenna tuning.


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