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7 Ways to Increase Your You Tube Views -Techapprise

7 Ways to Increase Your You Tube Views

Are you new to You Tube Creator?
Wants to increase your video views that may result in more subscribers?
Why not?
As You Tube is best platform to earn, everyone wants to increase views and earn more.
Here it all. These 10 ways will make difference.

1. Use best and custom Thumbnail


Thumbnail is featured part of every video that shows viewers what video is all about. Don’t select Thumbnail which doesn’t create any sense for viewers. Catchy and sensible thumbnail to be selected so viewers encourage to click on it.

2. Make a Channel Trailer

Trailer must showcase your channel what is it all about. A short and catchy trailer should be made so as to attract you tubers to subscribe your channel. Message that trailer is going to show must be clear to users.

3. Newsletter Support

Build your own email list which can be done by your website or blog’s newsletter. By newsletter you get email address and by those email address you can motivate them to divert on you tube channel. By Newsletter you can get permanent viewers on your every new video.


4. Social Media PlatformImage result for social media

Use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus as platform to promote your channel. As almost all of the internet users bypass through these, it comes out as a best platform to increase views.  Increase followers and have a better chance for video views. You can also add you tube tab on your Facebook page.

5. Be Constant

As said by Benjamin Disraeli – The secret of success is constancy to purpose. You must have to be constant on your channel, publish at least one video in a week.  Constancy in video creates more views  and every video will take you to the success each passing week. It will help you to build better subscribers list.

6. Create supporting blog for your channel

If you can create a blog of your own, then create a blog on your channel and use that blog to divert traffic to your you tube channel through publishing an article and link to video on blog respective to each video. You can drive best views through this.

7. SEO your video

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keywords to show video on search engine. Use best keyword for your video as source of driving direct traffic is search engine only. You can also use keyword planner for best results.

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